Vault Insider Program

Making Collecting More Rewarding

As a member of the Vault Insider Program, you will be rewarded with valuable gifts, exclusive discount offerings, free shipping, advance notice of limited availability items, extra collector credits, inside information about what’s happening in the coin market and at the Royal Canadian Mint, and even personal concierge service.

Here’s What’s Inside

Vault Insider Program
Vault Insider Program
Vault Insider Program
All CustomersVIP Level 1VIP Level 2VIP Top Tier
Benefitsno minimumExecutive
Collector CreditsLockVIPVIPVIP
Welcome Gift†LockVIPVIPVIP
Advance Notice and OrderingLockVIPVIPVIP
Bonus Collector CreditsLockVIPVIPVIP
Member Pricing on Select ItemsLockVIPVIPVIP
Exclusive Sales & DiscountsLockVIPVIPVIP
Artist Signed Art Cards on Select ItemsLockVIPVIPVIP
Higher Limits on ‘Per Household’ ItemsLockVIPVIPVIP
Monthly Insider NewsletterLockVIPVIPVIP
Monthly Account Statement UpdatesLockVIPVIPVIP
Free Annual Charlton CatalogueLockDiscounted Price 50% offVIPVIP
Free ShippingLockFree Shipping on orders over $100‡Free Shipping on orders over $75‡VIP
Priority Access to Scarce ItemsLockLockVIPVIP
Want List ServiceLockLockVIPVIP
First Access to Scarce ItemsLockLockLockVIP
Concierge RepresentativeLockLockLockVIP
Lifetime MembershipLockLockLockVIP

*Annual minimum purchase to maintain membership status.
†Welcome Gift shipped to Executive Members with their first order after achieving Executive level status. Welcome Gift shipped to Gold & Platinum Members upon achieving status.
‡Within Canada only. Total order weight must be less than 3.5 kb (7.7 lbs).

Vault Insider Program

Here’s How It Works

How Do I Become A Vault Insider Member?

Anyone who purchases a minimum of $1,000* worth of eligible products from Canadian Coin is eligible for membership in the Vault Insider Program. To inquire about enrollment, simply call 905-883-5300 or 1-888-236-2646 to speak with an associate.

Are There Any Additional Enrollment Fees?

No, enrollment in the Vault Insider Program is open to anyone who achieves the minimum purchase requirement.

Can I Be A Collector Credits Member And A VIP Member?

Absolutely! Your VIP membership automatically syncs with your Collector Credits account?

*Exclusive of taxes and shipping


For more information, check out our VAULT INSIDER FAQs.

Looking for additional details? Read our Vault Insider Terms & Conditions.