1935 $25 English & French Notes

The only $25 bank notes ever issued by the Bank of Canada

The 1935 $25 English and French notes issued by the Bank of Canada are the only time history that this denomination has been created, making them some of the rarest and most sought after by collectors. Following the early years of the Great Depression, Prime Minister R.B. Bennett saw the need to establish a central banking solution in Canada, to service citizens across the country as well as international accounts. After a Royal Commission study of the organization and working of Canada’s banking system, the Bank of Canada was created in 1934. The new Bank of Canada was tasked with standardizing and producing a national currency accepted throughout the nation and across international borders.

This launch of a new bank note series also coincided with the King George V’s Silver Jubilee – the 25th anniversary of his ascension to the throne. To mark the occasion, a $25 bank note was issued featuring portraits of both his Majesty King George V as well as his wife, Queen Mary.

With a limited print run of only 140,000 English notes and 2,000 French, the survival rate of high grade notes is very low. This VF-30 French bank note and AU-58 English note represent some of the highest grade examples found among numismatic circles today, and would bring any collection into the upper echelons of elite numismatists.

1935 $25 English and French Bank Notes
1935 $25 English and French Bank Notes