Master of Coin

Keeper of Stores of Wealth

The history of coins and currency spans far beyond our own borders. In ancient times, Roman legions would march across Europe, Asia and parts of Northern Africa, asserting their dominance through military might. Among the troops would be the Master of Coin, who would ensure that in the unlikely event of defeat, the stores of wealth the armies brought with them would not be captured by surviving enemy soldiers. These stores would be buried, away from the battle fields presumably to be reclaimed afterwards.

Rarely, the Master of Coin would fall victim to an enemy blade, and the hoards if not found would be left for centuries only to be exhumed later. The coins would be preserved by layers of sediment, making them available for historians and collectors alike to study these relics of a time unlike any other. This Ancient Tetradrachm would have been able to buy supplies, food or perhaps been gambled in hopes of doubling against his comrades in arms. The fine details are still largely visible in this excellently preserved piece.

The Canadian Flag – $20 Pure Silver Coin (2019)
Ancient Rome Silver Tetradrachm Herennius Etruscus 251 AD Antioch, Syria